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Kip Herriage
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What this book will teach you:
The old paradigm simply isn’t working anymore. For those who are not prepared, it saddens me to say that the consequences are going to be disastrous. For others who act quickly to put the right protective measures in place, there’s still a little time left to not only survive the inevitable collapse of a broken system, but to actually profit from the opportunities that always accompany every calamity.
The 5 Most Important Tips:
  • As with any puzzle, without key pieces of information and the right frame of reference, it’s going to be virtually impossible for you to connect the dots correctly
  • It’s all about understanding where we’ve been so that we can see where we’re going
  • Events in the world economy will now begin to unfold one after another in a seemingly uncontrollable fashion
  • The first thing you should know about the “Federal Reserve” is that it is not now, nor has it ever been a part of the government of the United States
"While the risk level is high for Trumps first 1-2 years, like Reagan, once he drains the swamp, the Trump Bull Market will be explosive. Animal spirits meet a resurgent, common sense America"
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About The Author

Kip Herriage

For 15 years (1985-1999) I Was A Top Wall Street Financial Advisor And Venture Capitalist, Working At The Highest Levels For The Most Respected Names In International Finance. In addition to managing serious money for the elite and the companies they owned, my investment banking business worked hard to take seven companies public, raising hundreds of millions of dollars in the process.
What Others Have To Say
  • This book exposes the real truth behind money, and the economy, that has been relatively hidden from the masses... until now. 
    Ragnar Crowley
  • We can control our destiny with desire, drive, and determination and "Crashproof Prosperity" tells you how. If you care anything at all about your future or generations to come read the book! Be Informed!
    Charmilee Fraser
  • Over 100% profits for me in just one day. Never in my life did I think I would make these returns. Thanks for making this a truly Merry Christmas!
    MT - New York
  • I love this book!! It's so real! I most definitely recommend it. This is a must buy, a real eye opener.
    Ana Castillo
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