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Kip Herriage, CEO & Founder

For 15 years (1985-1999) I was a top Wall Street Financial Advisor, VP and venture capitalist, working at the highest levels for the most respected names in international finance. In addition to managing serious money for the elite and the companies they owned, my investment banking business worked hard to take seven companies public, raising hundreds of millions of dollars in the process. I got my clients out of the market before the dot-bomb and we’ve been crushing the markets year after year, since starting the VRA in 2003.
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Each morning I email you before the US markets open. I tell you exactly what to own, exactly what price to pay and then exactly when to sell and take profits.
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Membership also comes with three VRA Special Reports (“Making a Fortune in Precious Metals and Mining Stocks”, “Kip’s Stock of the Century”, and my #1 Security Stock to own for 1000% gains). My Stock of the Century is an unknown energy company with more potential than any stock I have ever discovered. It has just soared 350% but that’s nothing compared to what it’s about to do.
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Your VRA Membership also comes with your private Members Site, my VRA Portfolio and every VRA Update that I have issued going back to 2005.
What others are saying about VRA
“Kip, I wanted to take out time to say thank you for making the complicated simple and applicable for a 33 year old. When I first heard you speak on “possible gains” I was truly skeptical, but your words had truth and integrity. Thank you for spreading your decades of experience.”
       SG – Toronto
“Kip, everyone that I saw was saying that Russia was about to collapse, and when I saw your recommendations to buy the most aggressive of all Russian investments I thought you were crazy to be honest, but then I took very nice profits in about 30 hours. Please keep being crazy! Thank you for going where others will not.”
       JB – San Francisco
“Kip, I want to thank you for putting your heart and soul into the VRA. I look forward to everyday the VRA is delivered in my inbox and sometime multiple times per day. The education and information is priceless."
       LH – Tennessee
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