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After 30 years of options investing, I've found the golden goose of options investing. Whether or not you've used options in the past, this is the program (6 months) you should be in. I tell you exactly what to buy...exactly what price to pay...and exactly when to sell and take profits. 
Parabolic #7 put up a net gain of 154% in 6 months. 308% return annualized. 
I’ve been investing with options for 3 decades and anyone in the business will tell you that the returns listed above are “golden goose, money printing” returns. And this is exactly what we’re going to do going forward.

We can find no one else who puts up these numbers; $5000 invested would now be over $12,500, but that is still nothing compared to what we are going to do going forward with the VRA System Approach.

Each Parabolic Options Program lasts 6 months. We keep it simple and easy. We buy only calls and puts and we use the VRA Investing System as our guide for all buy/sell recs. 

We act only on "major' signals. No day trading. By acting on major signals only you can go "heavy" into each position (with stops in place). I tell you exactly what to buy and what price to pay. Same on the sell side. 

You receive both an email and text message when we're taking action and I alert you in advance when a new trade is developing.

We have 100 spots available for the next 24 hours, Parabolic Options #8 will be open to you at the price of $1295.00

This will be the last time Parabolic Options will be offered at these prices. $1995.00 for Parabolic #9. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: While Parabolic #8 will stick to our discipline of acting on only the strongest VRA Investing System Signals, we will be adding a new wrinkle.
We will be using "VRA Momentum Indicators” to ensure we are positioned to profit for the biggest gains possible. I’ll walk you through this as we get into the program.  

Bottom Line: The VRA System for Options Investing will follow a tight discipline, based on the previous 12 programs. We will protect our profits, not allowing them to dissipate, allowing our biggest winners to run. We will use stops that ensure any losses are small.  

For those new to options, Parabolic is perfect for you, all you have to do is follow out 3 easy steps to options trading

1. Have an options account with your brokerage firm
2. Give us your email address and phone number so we can alert you to for orders. (We only buy call and puts)
3. Do exactly what Kip tells you to do in our Parabolic updates

*For those interested we are also offering we are offering a 5 Year Parabolic Membership at $6995.00 (reply to this email for details). Lock in with an average price of $699.50 per Parabolic Program, saving more than $13,000.00 over the next 5 years. 

We are moving fast; Parabolic Options #8 will officially kick off on Friday. 
Looking forward to crushing Mr. Market with you. Our first 2 buy signals are lining up right now. Minimum expected profits of 300% for Parabolic #8

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